Is Guest Blogging different from Article Marketing?

Is Guest Blogging different from Article Marketing?

Yes, very much so. Article submissions/marketing are an outdated SEO technique where people published (generally) low quality, spun content to article sites that would accept submissions from basically anyone. Guest blogging is a form of content marketing where quality blog posts are offered up and published on different blogs that can be relevant to your industry.

The blogs we work with expect quality, relevant blog posts that do not contain spammy links or links to poor quality domains. The editors of these blogs are discerning and wish to only have content that provides value to their readership.

This is not article marketing, where almost anything goes, and Google quickly catches onto the low-value content. Those types of sites get devalued in search, and we don’t want that to happen to you. The blogs we work with are trusted by Google and receive hundreds to 10s of thousands of unique, organic search visitors each month.

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